The De Nova Group was established as a design practice in 1988, however has evolved over time into a property development company. Whilst the design component of the practice still provides architectural services for a limited group of long term clients in various sectors of the industry, the primary function of the business is property development. We have experience in the development of various building types across various industry sectors including child care, serviced apartment, high density residential, aged care, industrial, hotel and gaming, and mixed use.

The design practice component of our firm provides support to the primary function of our firm and allows us to expedite those elements of the development that relate to design, documentation and project management.

We are a long established business whom have a high level of expertise in the delivery of a wide range of residential and commercial projects. We have enjoyed strong long term relationships with our various team partners through all phases of project delivery from site acquisition, conception, town planning, construction documentation, construction, successful tenancy lease award, and handover. We partner with experts in the industry to ensure an excellent quality of product delivered within the best possible time frame.